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Welcome and thank you for considering the NuLife Addiction Recovery Program for your friend or loved one. As difficult as it is, seeking help from professionals who understand and have experience is a very important step. Like anything else in life, having an expert on your side can make all the difference.

One of the most challenging aspects of the addiction illness is the degree of separation it causes in foundational relationships. Normally, a person in crisis will turn to a family member or close friend for help. But that's usually not the case with the addiction illness. Accumulated shame, resentment, and deep emotional pain make it extremely difficult for anyone close to the addict to be helpful. In fact, family members and friends are frequently met with anger and resistance when suggesting their loved one seek treatment.

NuLife's admission counselors are men and woman who have personally recovered from addiction - which means they have the benefit of experience. Because they've been in your loved one's shoes, they are uniquely qualified to help them come to terms with getting help or going into treatment. The power of identification and the ability to speak from personal experience cannot be overstated. It is often times the only way to connect.

We can help you get your loved one the help they need. Give us a call - or send us a note and we'll call you. Let's start a conversation to determine whether the NuLife Recovery Program is right for your friend or loved one. We have guided hundreds of families just like your own through this process. Together, we can start the healing process.

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